FAQ: Covid-19 operating

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about how we are operating during covid-19 restrictions. Please watch our slide show and read our safe usage instructions here. If you can not find the answer you were looking for, please contact us.

Q. When are you reopening?

A. The gym reopens on 25th July 2020, the studio on 1st August 2020.

Q. How about the swimming pool and swimming lessons?

A. The swimming pool is very resource heavy and we need to ensure that we can operate in a financially viable manner before we reopen. We are opening from 1st September 2020 wit bookings up to 7 days in advance. Swim school restarts on 7th September 2020.

Q. Will toilets be open?

A. Yes, we will be providing toilets.

Q. If I am unable to wear non-disposable gloves, will I still be permitted to use weight-lifting gloves?

A. The guidance on this point is unclear however if these gloves are made of a sanitisable material, then they could be safely used and sanitised frequently throughout your session. This would be permitted however we will update if we learn more. 

Q. Can I bring a water bottle and where should I keep it?

A. Water bottles are permitted and we encourage you to hydrate well during exercise, please keep your water bottle personal to you and if disposable, please throw away/recycle if you should finish with it.

Please keep your water bottle with you during exercise. In the studio we would like to encourage you to keep your bottle in your exercise area or to the side of the room closest to your exercise area if this is not possible. Please be considerate of others when travelling to and from your bottle.

Q. Why can't I bring a 'sweat towel'?

A. UK Active have suggested that 'sweat towels' should not be used within leisure centres, this is to do with the spreading of 'germs' from one place to another with consecutive wipes. Please use disposable wipes or paper and throw it out between contact points. We will supply some paper.