The Gym: 


Using our Technogym equipment paired with a smart key which we will assign to you, we can help you log all of your exercise activity electronically. This enables you to ensure you are always working to the right level and allows us to tailor your workout program to your performance....


This user friendly gym takes the thinking and remembering out of training for you, so we can work on the specifics and you can get on with enjoying your training.

Fully Equipped


Our gym if fully equipped with technogym equipment, very user friendly and well maintained.


we have recently added several new pieces of equipment to give our members a new challenge!


we also have a free weight area with dumbbells , kettle bells with three weight benches and cables with various attachments. we also have a chin-up / dip station for bodyweight exercises.

A personal service to all members


When you sign up to one of our memberships we will help you decide on what you would like to achieve and write a program to help you get there, we will also show you how to perform all of the exercises safely and effectively to ensure you get the most from your gym experience.


we will also invite you back for monthly reviews of your progress to ensure you are keeping on track to your goals.





Fitness testing and health checks


When you sign up we will conduct a quick health check to ensure that you are safe to exercise and to make sure that our exercise prescription is right for you. 


we can also conduct fitness tests which can find your VO2 max (a measure of aerobic fitness) , your maximal strength and many other measurements including peak flow, body fat and BMI.


if you are concerned about your blood pressure we can offer you a free health check where we take a BP recording and can discuss with you options to improve your health.  with no obligation to take out a membership 



Crewkerne Aqua Centre



TA18 7LZ


Telephone: 01460 77665

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