Do you make these 5 'beach body' mistakes every summer?

Its not for lack of enthusiasm that each year many of us make hit and miss progress in the gym in our bid to get into shape for summer.

You may decide to join a gym for a few months or maybe decide to take things outdoors and go running several times a week. Whatever you choose chances are your results will be limited due to several regular mistakes:

1: Inconsistent training: As the weather starts hotting up it’s easy to push aside a workout to get out in the sun, go to the BBQ or relax in the back garden, but often these workouts don’t get rescheduled. Your progress will depend on Frequency balanced with Intensity. Having a training plan and being consistent will lead to rewards.

2: Not supporting your goals with a healthy balanced diet: I’ve seen a lot of fad diets come and go, they promise weight loss and occasionally this is what you get, but we are interested in FAT loss and muscle maintenance or gain. Two things which many 'weight' loss diets dont provide. All too often people skip meals hoping it will help them lose fat, but this can damage your chances of gaining a lean physique as your body needs to be nourished. Balancing carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats and not letting yourself starve are all keys towards getting into shape.

3: Too much cardio, not enough lifting: 'Cardio' will strengthen your heart and lungs and increase your efficiency at exercising at a certain intensity for a certain duration. At the correct intensity its also a good tool for fat burning. Doing too much long duration jogging can spoil your chances of sustainable fat loss... Including Lifting can help you maintain muscle whilst you lose the fat. It can also increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat at rest. Also, it gives you shape and muscle tone. Learning how to lift effectively is essential.

4: No progressions: Exercise should follow some form of progression, following the same workout for months on end will see your body adapt to the stimulus initially and then reap no further benefits. Exercise / training is supposed to challenge your body to cause it to adapt by becoming fitter, faster, and stronger. No progression = no adaption.

5: Not directly targeting your goals: If you are hoping to look lean and toned this summer you are effectively asking for fat loss and muscle gain / maintenance. With that in mind you need a workout or series of workouts which allow your body to do both of these things also you need to eat a diet which supports your goals. If you dont set these goals at the start then your exercise/diet wont target anything... Let us teach you how to get results

Visit our gym and meet our instructors, we will be happy to put you on the right track to success.

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