The power of ACCOUNTABILITY and how it can help you get fit.

If you need motivating to exercise or stay on track with your nutrition then chances are you know someone else who does too.

Dont wait for yourself to suddenly feel motivated or for someone to motivate you, get the ball rolling and suggest to pair up with a friend or parter to increase yours and their ACCOUNTIBILITY.

People will often let themselves down easier than someone else. You can easily give yourself the excuse and accept it or justify to yourself a slip up in your routine, but your training parter will not accept excuses. Turn up and do it for yourself and for them too.

If you help someone else get fit you are helping yourself. you are re-enforcing the fitness values in your own head making your own will to succeed stronger. In turn that person you help will encourage you to turn up to workouts when you need a boost, as we all do from time to time.

  • Find someone who you think you can help and who would be interested in making positive changes in their life with you

  • Select what you are going to do, gym? Aquarobics? studio classes? a nice long walk?

  • Decide when you will attend / meet and then agree that you will text, phone etc to ensure you both turn up.

  • Use your time to discuss your fitness progress and how you plan to step things up if things are going well

  • Disucss how your nutrition is going to reinforce your ACCOUNTIBILITY to them and theirs to you. you could use the 'myfitnesspal' app where you log your meals and it will notify your friends when you have logged in each day.

  • It doesnt HAVE to be just two of you, get a group going and support eachother by reminding eachother to make the effort. Everyone will benefit.

When exercise is paired with socialising the whole thing becomes less of a chore. You will associate the experience with having fun, catching up and helping someone else.

Even the most well motivated of us needs a kick every now and then, sure sometimes you will be motivating them to turn up, but they in turn will do the same for you. You can even encourage eachother to push harder, go faster and keep going!

You can't be expected to know it all, having the enthusiasm and motivation is the factor in helping others get fit, but you can always back up your strategy with knowledge from other sources.

buy a book on sports nutrition and avoid 'diet' books. Read about exercise techniques and ask staff at the gym for advice.

You might not often notice the changes in your own ability or body shape as you progress each month, its usually someone else who does. Be the person who reminds your friend where they were a month ago, how well they have performed. especially when they are feeling down and de-motivated (happens to everyone).

Celebrate the effort you put in and not just the achievements. You cant expect to hit milestones every week so praise each other for pushing yourself and for putting yourself through it.

You don't have to be a mentor or teacher, just someone who wants the best for themselves and their friend / family / partner. I have seen how many of our customers who attend the gym / pool together make more progress, enjoy their exercise more and stick with it much longer.

Remember, you are not alone. At the Aqua centre if you ever need assistance with exercises, motivation, a new workout routine etc then the gym team are available to help.

The Crewkerne Aqua Centre is a social place to be and simply being a member here allows you to meet new people which, for many is enough of an attraction to keep people coming back each week...

...If you want to encourage a friend to join a class, the gym or take part in an Aquarobics class and would like some help, come and speak to me personally about getting a FREE GUEST PASS to your chosen activity.

Matt King

We offer 12 month JOINT centre memberships which include on going support

We Offer a pay as you go card where you get 12 credits when you buy 10 for more casual users.Or a one month membership with no ties includes full centre use.

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