The power of ACCOUNTABILITY and how it can help you get fit.

If you need motivating to exercise or stay on track with your nutrition then chances are you know someone else who does too.

Dont wait for yourself to suddenly feel motivated or for someone to motivate you, get the ball rolling and suggest to pair up with a friend or parter to increase yours and their ACCOUNTIBILITY.

People will often let themselves down easier than someone else. You can easily give yourself the excuse and accept it or justify to yourself a slip up in your routine, but your training parter will not accept excuses. Turn up and do it for yourself and for them too.

If you help someone else get fit you are helping yourself. you are re-enforcing the fitness values in your own head making your own will to succeed stronger. In turn that person you help will encourage you to turn up to workouts when you need a boost, as we all do from time to time.