6 ideas for improved weight management.

There is so much conflicting information about how best to lose fat. And with so many factors to consider it is easy to make mistakes.

Here are some of the things which you might not yet have considered in your effort to lose body fat.

Don't expect over night success, it took time to put on the weight it will take time to lose it. Make the goal to live a healthy lifestyle rather than just to 'lose weight'.

1: You’re eating too many high Glycaemic load foods: Your body can only use so much energy at any one time and this can depend on your age, height weight and activity levels. when you consume foods which release their energy quickly when digested (High GL) your body responds with a high insulin level which can lead to fat storage, a blood sugar low or 'crash' can also follow. Eating Low GL foods will control blood insulin levels by releasing energy slowly. Eat unrefined foods, combine carbohydrates with protein and also healthy fats to reduce the GL of the meal.