A matter of FAT

It may seem popular to avoid fat in your diet to stay healthy and lean, but a diet low in fat can be unhealthy. Fat is an important part of our diet and can be obtained from a variety of foods such as vegetables, nuts and seeds and meats.

It is true that fat has more calories than carbohydrates and protein with 9kcal per gram rather than 4kcal per gram for protein and carbohydrates, but fat isnt usually consumed in large quantities and so this shouldn't be a problem.

There are different types of fats: saturated and unsaturated. (mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated) we need all fat types in our diet, but we generally have too much saturated fat which comes from some meat and other animal products, they are also found in processed foods like pastry, biscuits etc.

We generally lack enough unsaturated fats which come from nuts, olives, avocados, seeds, fish (particularly mackerel, salmon, tuna etc) these fats have been found to have a lot of health benefits:

• improved delivery of oxygen to cells

• enhanced aerobic metabolism

• increased energy levels and stamina

• increased exercise duration and intensity

• improved release of growth hormone in response to exercise.

• reduced inflammation caused by over-training.

• healthy fats (CLA , MCTs) have been linked to promote fat loss.

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Including more healthy fats shouldn't be too hard a few small tweaks in your diet (remove something and replace with...), eating healthy fats can leave you feeling fuller for longer, help promote fat loss and enable you to train harder, who wouldn't want that? try some of the following before considering taking supplements.

1. try and include nuts as a snack during the day (non-salted is better) add seeds to your cereal / musili.

2. include avocado or tinned fish as snacks

3. include olives, avacado and fish in salads.

4. eat nut-butters as a snack.

Hope this helps!

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