The highs and lows of energy drinks...

Lucozade, Red bull, Relentless and now 'Energy shots' all promise one thing; energy, but after consuming one or more of these many people will likely find yourself sleepy and lethargic again shortly after.

Feeling lethargic isn’t always caused by lacking sugar (energy) but might be caused by lacking the ability to release the energy and feel present and engaged.

This can be because of lack of vitamins or electrolytes, lack of sleep, stress or dehydration. It can also be caused by illness or even a 'crash' caused by your last stimulant you consumed (coffee, high sugar food etc)

The trouble with consuming high sugar content energy drinks is that you end up with a 'sugar rush' which initially makes you feel energetic (the desired effect), but your body responds to this surge of sugar by releasing high levels of insulin which bring your sugar level crashing back down. This leaves you right back where you started; feeling lethargic.