Improve your Energy, Health & Vitality...

Scientists and nutritionists are always discovering the newest super food with life giving properties, and we soon see these newly acclaimed 'super' products sky rocket in price...

What if I told you that we sell a product which provides you with all of these incredible benefits?

✔ Improved alertness and focus

✔ Maintains optimal metabolism

✔ Helps prevents unwanted weight gain

✔ Improves exercise endurance

✔ Improves post workout recovery

✔ Reduces onset of post workout muscle soreness and cramp

✔ Maintains optimal blood pressure

✔ Aids with healthy kidney function

✔ Maintains healthy ph and electrolyte balance.

✔ Can improve immune function

✔ Improves the healthy look of skin hair and nails

✔ Reduces digestive disorders

✔ And many more!

It would fly off the shelves if it was marketed in this way, but the product is (you probably guessed) water!

Its benefits are under recognised, many of us can become de-hydrated without realising and our body is effected in many ways as described above.

This will hopefully draw attention to how advertising can lead you to believe that a product bears miraculous properties, I have glammed up the benefits of water to reflect the strategies used by supplement producers to convince us to pay too much for things we can get in a healthy diet.

From fat loss pills to muscle gain powders, they all contain ingredients which most of us can get from our diet and without breaking the bank. Please don't get sucked into the bold claims made by body sculpting supplements.

It is also worth noting that dehydration is a common cause of fatigue, lack of strength, slower metabolism, poor immune function and more, it can cause aches and pains, cramp, headaches, irritability and disturbed sleep. and many of us, including myself, don't consume enough.

These symptoms can lead to:

  • Lack of results from exercising.

  • Lack of intensity or ability to exercise effectively.

  • Lack of motivation to exercise.

Increasing your water intake can therefore increase your ability to train effectively and burn fat.

To add to the lengthily benefits to staying hydrated ( Find out more here on the NHS website)

The benefits to swimming in the stuff are also often overlooked! (View our pool timetable here), who else is feeling a bit parched ?

For Advice on healthy eating, improving energy levels and achieving fitness goals please speak to one of our qualified personal trainers. or send us a message on our contact page

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