5 Keys to ULTRA running

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Tims advice

on ultra marathon training.

You may know Tim irish from the local rugby club or crewkerne running club. he has competed in serveral triathlons and has recently turned his attention to ultra running.

a standard marathon is 26 miles...the last marathon Tim ran was 60 miles. This type of training requires alot of preperation and smart training, Tim pairs outdoor speed and endurance runs with gym conditioning work and swims at the crewkerne aqua centre. Here are a few tips on how he does it.

find Tims stats on runbritainrankings.com


"The greatest Ironman athlete of all time in my opinion is Chrissy Wellington, when you see her in an event she almost always has a smile on her face.

Train for yourself, train for fun, train for the sheer pleasure of being able to train and smile -or at least grimace!"


"Get out in the fresh air and go for a long run or run/walk 2hrs or more, use the gym and for variance spend 15/20 minutes at steady ’conversational pace’ on each Rower, Bike, Ergo, Treadmill –

then repeat once or twice if you have the time, or go for a 30 minute swim after."


"The problem with endurance events is that you tend to neglect the upper body, but a strong upper body & strong core help in endurance events. When you are tired a strong core helps keep your posture upright & keeps a good running form. A strong fit upper body means you feel balanced & can ‘drive’ with your arms when your legs are tired. Use a 2 or 3 x week total body workout & work your arms, shoulders and core."


"Straight after a hard workout have some protein to re-build your muscles (muscles fibres get damaged when undertaking long training sessions or HIT sessions) A pint of Chocolate milkshake with a banana is my favourite! It provides energy, protein and helps restore lost potassium.

Sleep well – your body needs to recover after you have worked out so aim for 8 hrs or more if you have done a long session "


"Ensure you warm up thoroughly before staring these sessions; it is a good idea to allow 5 minutes after to ‘cool’ down & help remove any lactic acid from the muscles:

Running Rowing Biking, Xtrainer at a fast pace ‘sprint effort’

For example on the treadmill:

run 200 – 400metres x 6 - 12 repeats Rest 60 seconds – this session builds ‘fast legs’ & really works your CV system."

"My favourite gym session is Tabata sprints: i use either the Xtrainer, Rower or Bike. Go as fast as you can (this means eyeballs out full on speed) for 20 seconds then go very easy for 10seconds recovery... Repeat this 8 times. It's only a 4 minute workout and may sound easy but if you get the intensity right this is extremely tough.

Like all training you only get out what you put in and if done twice per week they really help improve speed and anaerobic ability. "

Good Luck!

I hope some of these training ideas come in handy for you, its good to play with your training and see what works for you, but remember to try and enjoy it!

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