5 Running tips from the World No.5 Aquathlete

Tom Priest is certainly in a position to give running advice with his far share of awards as an Aquathlete (Swimming and Running event). He trains in the Aqua Centre each week to help prepare for his next event.

Treadmill Walking

Sport: Aquathlon Swim/Run (1k/5k)

Significant results:

  • Hot Chilli Winter Series Winner,

  • Yeovil Aquathlon Winner (Course Record Holder),

  • Bustin’SkinAquathlon Race winner,

  • European Bronze,

  • World Championships 5th

Here are some of Toms running tips:

1: Start slow – build up a base fitness and be able to run 5k (3.2 miles) at a comfortable pace. increase your training freuency and distance gradually to prevent injuries.

2: Train with a club – They will have dedicated sessions which will help you pace yourself. they also have coaches to help advise you on progressions and asnwer your questions. this will also improve motivation and ensure you run at a certain time every week.

3: Run with other people – setting regular run sessions with someone commits you to getting out there in the cold (try 3 per week). Park Runs are a great non-competitive race to use as a training session. There is a park run in Montacute which does a 5k run every week. its free and all abilities attend.

4: Break it down – you dont have to go flat out for the whole run, Run sets of 400m through to 1k at a time, split your sets up with active recovery (walking) to keep the muscles active, this is a great way to improve your speed aswell as endurance.

5: Get a foam roller and recover the legs after each run – you will feel much better the next day as it loosens up the fascia around the muscle which can get tight during runs. tight muscles are a common cause of injury in runners so do gentle stretches after your workout and on active recovery days.

Also ensure you wear good footwear, your shoes will affect the way you land and take off from each foot and running long distance with poor footwear can be bad for your ankles, knees hips and so on. If you get your shoes from a triathlon shop or a Nike store they will watch your running style and advise the best shoe for you.

tom p.png

The Crewkerne Aqua Centre have foam rollers and a team of gym instructors who can advise the best stretches to reduce tightness and soreness in your muscles.

We also support the Crewkerne Running Club by offering its members a Corporate discount on centre membership.

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