How to become a Pro swimmer

Crewkerne local Thomas Priest has achieved great things in his training as an Aquathlete including these accolades:

Sport: Aquathlon Swim/Run (1k/5k)

Significant results:

  • Hot Chilli Winter Series Winner,

  • Yeovil Aquathlon Winner (Course Record Holder),

  • Bustin’SkinAquathlon Race winner,

  • European Bronze,

  • World Championships 5th

Here are 5 Swimming tips for people hoping to improve their performance for racning or for general fitness.

1: Swim regularly – the more you do the fitter you will become (aim for 3 sessions per week) increase your training volume gradually to allow your body to adapt to the change.

2: Set yourself programmes/targets for each session. I used 3000m as a session goal, broken down in to 100m sets through to 1000m sets. i.e 1 set might be 100 non stop of a specific stroke or drill followed by a short rest period.

3: Swim with other people – a training group helps with motivation and speed pacing yourself, training should be fun aswell as challenging so find like minded people and work together.

4: Relax – swimming should be done with relaxed shoulders – be comfortable in the water – even in open water swims. a poor swimming technique can be very exhausting as it can be inefficient. ask others to analyse your stroke as they can see what you cant.

5: Use variety – mix up session between speed and endurance a speed session might have shorter sets and endurance workouts will be lower intensity , the two training types compliment eachother so alternate if you can.– . Open water swims can also help as it allows a long swim with no walls!

At the crewkerne Aqua centre we have Masters swim sessions on a thursday at 8:00pm where you can swim using pre-designed workouts which challenge edurance, technique and speed. You dont need to be an athlete to take part, just keen to have a good swim and to improve.

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