Optimise your fitness in 10 different ways

You might consider yourself to be fit because you can run for a long distance without tiring, but then describe yourself as unfit when faced with a higher intensity bout of exercise such as lifting or circuit training.

In everyday life this might mean something as simple as running upstairs or carrying heavy loads in from the car. A high intensity activity which your body is not used to can leave you feeling exhausted when you would usually describe yourself as 'fit.'

This is because there are many components of fitness, many people excel at one or two but lack greatly in others.

There are 10 'components of Fitness' if you can incorporate each of these into your fitness routine each week you will reach a well rounded fitness level leaving you ready for anything!

see below each component and how we use it every day.

Some of these are directly related to your health these are marked with an 'H'


Cardio Vascular: H Heart and lung ability to provide oxygen to respiring cells. Anything which elevates heart rate.

Anaerobic capacity: Sprinting/ running for a bus, carrying heavy bags upstairs etc

Balance: Standing up whilst on the tube, riding a bike

Coordination: Performing several movements together smoothly: lifting something from floor to overhead.

Agility: be able to stop, start & change direction quickly; dodging the crowds during the January sales shopping

Flexibility: H Moving your joints through a wide range of motion (ROM), i.e. bending down to touch your toes.

Strength: H producing muscular force; sitting up , squatting down to pick up something, opening a jar, opening / closing heavy doors.

Stamina: The ability to endure bouts of exercise for sustained periods; walking up a steep hill H Or muscular Endurance;

Power: The ability to produce muscular force quickly: jumping throwing hopping

Speed: The ability to perform an exercise or movement quickly - running to catch a train

H Body composition is the 11th Health related component of fitness which relates to how much of your is fat mass compared to how much is lean. (muscle, bones and organs)

Those of us who regularly take part in a sport or fitness regime will use certain components more than others, the more variety you include in your exercise the more of these components you will address, which will keep you feeling 'fit' to face whatever life throws as you.

Unfortunately there isn’t one exercise which you can do which will address all of the above, but some exercises have more cross over to other components than others.

Here at the Aqua Centre we have a range of exercise Studio classes which will target all of the various components. if you choose one class from each colour category on the timetable then you will be sure to include all of the components listed above each week.

Also, this year we have set a gym challenge for each month of the year. Each one will be another fitness component, See how you fare against the other gym members and also become more aware of where your fitness needs improvements.

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