"How do I get rid of TUMMY FAT?"

Targeting the tummy for fat loss is called 'spot reducing' this term actually refers to any exercise which is used to target fat loss from a specific area of the body.

Unfortunately it’s widely regarded as a myth, and so doing countless crunches on the matt will not target fat loss from this area (but may help tone those abs for when you do lose it!)

The spot reduction idea has been used by advertisers who are selling exercise related equipment which promise a dream body for little work.

If only you can get rid of fat in just a click of a finger, but the truth is it takes patience and dedication in both the fitness department and lifestyle including diet.

Everyone is different when it comes to fat and where it gets stored in the body. Men generally carry their weight in their mid-section and women often carry more around the thighs and hips; where we store our fat is determined genetically.

So, how do I get rid of my fat from my tummy? The answer is you make sustainable lifestyle changes towards a healthier body composition and your body will use the fat from your body as it requires.

Ok so how do i do that?

Many people can lose fat without counting calories, by making sensible choices most of the time and exercising some restraint over snacking out of boredom on the wrong foods. Most of the customers I speak to about diet will say , "i know what i need to be eating..." and for the most part this is true, we all KNOW what we SHOULD do.

Eat a healthy breakfast to provide sustained energy through the morning, reducing the chances of hunger pangs.

Eat balanced meals with slow release carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Eat a variety of fruit and veg through the day.

Reduce portion sizes

Avoid regular naughty snacking , but afford occasional treats.

Drink plenty of water

Keep a food diary: Quite often we don't realise or remember the slip ups we make in our diet.

If you are less active one day, adapt your diet to include LESS calories.

If you are going to be active later in the day, ensure you have eaten enough to allow your body to work HARD.

Aim to lose no more than 1 lb a week as drastic weight loss could mean muscle loss as well, this in turn lowers your metabolic rate making continued fat loss more difficult.

Quite often when people initially lose 5 - 6 lbs in one week only some of this is fat, some is water and some can be muscle. Don't expect the same result week after week.

I also recommend setting yourself other goals in fitness other than 'fat loss', aiming to improve your distance travelled over time or total weight lifted in a workout can give you focus and a reason to push yourself.

This is useful because weight (fat) loss takes time and patience and is often not a linear progression.

Standing on the scales to see no weight lost one week can be demotivating, but on some weeks this might happen. Focusing on the enjoyment and achievement of exercising can help you persevere.

Exercise should come from a variety of types, Ensure you do some form of cardio vascular exercise (something which elevates the heart rate and makes your breathe faster) most days of the week and some form of resistance (lifting exercises) to keep your muscles from wasting away when you lower your food intake.

Follow a routine for a month or so and then change it, as soon as your body ADAPTS to a workout, it becomes more efficient at doing it. This will mean your body will expend less energy doing the exercise and recovering from it.

A Gym instructor from our Gym will be happy to suggest exercises and teach you how to do them !

A final point of tummy fat loss, when setting goals for fat loss use a tape measure. The scales will tell you your 'weight' is up or down, but your weight includes more than just your fat. Many people lose muscle and gain the same weight in fat as they age, their weight hasn't changed, but they have increased their fat levels. Measure around the navel and around the widest part of the hips and thigh and record the results weekly to get a better idea of fat loss.

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