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Our Swim School runs Monday to Saturday and caters for all ages and abilities.

We strongly recommend that all children wear goggles as submerging the face is an improtant part of the learning process. Also, children should tie hair back to avoid this distracting them when swimming.


Age 6 months to 2 years

Ducklings class is for infants under the age of 2 years old. The lessons are half an hour long and encourage the child to be safe and confident in the water and introduces them to basic movements which will be progressed in future classes. The class requires a parent or guardian to supervise the child, which will help you feel more confident taking your child swimming alone.


Age 2 to 3 and a half

These lessons are half an hour long and encourage the child to be safe and confident  and more independant in the water. We play games in the water to motivate the children to use various skills and movements. The child  will learn to travel 5 meters or more on front and back and be confident with jumping in and splashing.


Age 3 and a half until school age

In Terrapins the children work towards building confidence, improving movement skills in the water and learning how to swim on their front and back without a float. The child will  learn to be confident swimming with the face submerged for upto 5 meters. 

Aqua Bears

From School age

This class teaches children to swim on their front and back unaided for upto 5 meters and improves their technique. It Also introduces them to breast stroke movements which will be developed in later classes.  We also have an 'AquaBears +' class which is for children working on the same criteria, but in the main pool, this is ideal for taller children or those who are nearly ready to move to the next class up. 


Ability: Confident 5m front and back

Newts lessons are taught in the shallow end of the main pool. Children swim 10 meters or more whilst developing their technique in front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and introducing them to skills which form the basis for butterfly stroke, diving, tumble turns. 


Ability: 10m confident front back and breast stroke

This class is taught from the deep end of the main pool and teaches swimmers to develop front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke technique as well as beginning butterfly stroke and working on distance. children will learn various skills such as swimming to the bottom of the pool, swimming through hoops and introducing diving. 


Ability: 25m front crawl, Breaststroke and backstroke 12m butterfly

This class is taught in a middle lane from the deep end, swimmers will swim 1 length at a time minimum and develop to swimming 2 or more lengths of a given stroke. The focus of this class is improving technique in all strokes and introducing correct swimming starts and turns for use in racing. 


Ability: 50m+ of all strokes, good technique. Understanding starts & turns.

Piranhas Develop speed and stamina for racing, swimmers will learn correct starts, turns and diving for swims upto 100m at a time. Stroke analysis will improve technique in all strokes. Swimmers will learn how to  follow set training programmes designed to build strength, stamina and skill in advanced swimmers. 

Private Lessons

All Ages and Abilities

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